The most popular social networks and messengers for hacking attempts have been named

The most popular social networks and messengers for attempts to hack accounts are VKontakte, Instagram, Telegram and WhatsApp. At the same time, the price for hacking varies from 700 to 170 thousand rubles.

Bi.Zone analyzed ads on the darknet for a year and found that the cost of hacking in different months was radically different, TASS reported.

This, according to the director of the block of expert services Yevgeny Voloshin, may be due to a situation when some sellers do not actually provide a service, but simply deceive people.

“Real hackers set a price based on the time spent: sometimes they can look for a password in a leak, which will significantly reduce the cost of the search, and if an insider attacker from the developer company is acting, then the high price will most likely be due to the usual risk for the criminal.” , – he said.

According to experts, VKontakte ranks first in popularity among hackers. Research has shown that the price of an offer to open an account on this network varies from 700 to 12 thousand rubles.

Instagram remains in second place, the scammers estimate the cost of their services at 40 thousand rubles.

Among messengers, Telegram and WhatsApp hacks are leading in popularity. For hacking these applications, scammers ask for from 30 thousand to 170 thousand rubles and from 20 thousand to 130 thousand rubles, respectively.

Opening of a personal mailbox, according to analysts, remains another popular service among fraudsters, the cost of which ranges from 3,000 to 110,000 rubles.

In order to avoid hacking personal accounts, experts recommended using long passphrases, password managers, and a two-factor authentication system. Also, according to experts, it is important not to transfer the phone to the wrong hands, not to store data in cloud services and not to send it in messengers, connecting to an unknown source of Wi-Fi.