Responsibilities of an SMM Marketing Specialist

What does the standard scheme of work of a marketer (smm-specialist) look like on a project about πŸ‘‰ fix single open?

Analyzes a niche
Studying the target audience
Developing a promotion strategy
Preparing the site

If after two or three months the marketer does not begin to pay for itself, and at the same time your niche is far from real estate and plastic windows, there is reason to think.

True, a completely different picture is drawn if sales are not your primary task in social networks. Many companies need a Facebook page or an Instagram profile primarily to build a brand image.

Then the main activity of the marketer will be to search, generate and publish thematic content and gradually increase engagement in groups and profiles.

With such a strategy, it is worth evaluating the result of work by the number of posts, subscribers, likes and comments to publications.

What should not be demanded from an smm marketer?
Bringing the application to the sale: the duty of an SMM marketer is to organize β€œleads”, and the transformation of the potential willingness to buy into money on the account is already the task of managers.

First-class knowledge in your field: do you want publications not to confuse seamless pipes with polypropylene pipes? Then let the texts be written by a specialist in your field, and a specialist smm marketer only correctly places emoticons.

Work without feedback: if you do not tell the marketer that you have received 10 orders since the last post, it is likely that he will not know this and will not be able to repeat the success.

Organizing events, purchasing water and office supplies, buying tickets (even if they are sold on VKontakte), installing applications and setting up formulas in Excel.