How to hide a number in Telegram

Many users of the popular messenger and eset nod32 keys 2021, who have managed to appreciate all its advantages, do not want their phone number to be available to strangers. This raises a logical question of how to hide a number in Telegram, how to make it unavailable for all, and whether it is realistic to do so in principle?

How to hide a number in Telegram: important nuances
Answering the question about whether it is possible to hide the number in Telegram, we note that this feature was introduced by the developers quite recently, it appeared only in one of the latest updates of the messenger. Indeed, the creators have finally taken into account the wishes of customers and allowed them to hide the number, to which the Telegram account is registered, from other people, but not everyone will be able to take advantage of this opportunity.

How to hide a phone number in Telegram
To make the number inaccessible to others, you need to open the settings of the program (click on the icon with three horizontal lines), find there the inscription “Settings”, go to “Privacy and Security”, then open “Phone number” and there perform the appropriate manipulation, specify who can see the phone number tied to the account.

How to hide a number in Telegram, so that it is visible only to people who are present in the list of phone contacts? You simply need to select the appropriate option in the submenu that opens and put a check mark against it. The number can also become unavailable to anyone, no one will see it – these settings are also provided by the functionality of the latest update.

In addition, the developers have made it possible to configure individual lists of people who will always see the phone number under any circumstances. In similar lists you can add groups or group chats – then the application will automatically add to them all the necessary people, that is, people who are members of a particular group.

Speaking about whether it is possible to hide the phone number completely in Telegram, let’s note that there is a category of users for whom the relevant information will always be available without any restrictions. These are people whose contact list on the mobile device already contains your number – in this case, it is unrealistic to hide it, except that the owner of the smartphone will delete it himself.

How to hide the phone number in Telegram Android: making the number selectively available
In the latest update of the messenger, already mentioned above, a very convenient and popular function has appeared – to show the number only to those whom the user has personally added to the contact list. To use it, do the following:

open Telegram settings from your Android device;
find the Privacy section and click on it to open a submenu;
select the “Phone number” line.
In the first block, check the “No one” box (this will answer the question about how to hide the number in Telegram from everyone);
If necessary, make exceptions and check the boxes next to, for example, participants in work groups or chats with like-minded people or friends.
When all the above settings have been made, the user’s phone number will remain inaccessible even to those who have already added it to their contacts in the messenger.

How to hide the phone number in Telegram during chats?
Some users want to remain incognito while communicating in chats. This is possible, and it is possible even without performing any manipulations. The fact is that users of Telegram channels and chats, which are not in the contact list of a particular person, will only see his nickname, but certainly not his phone number. In case you need to open information about the number in the future, here’s what you should do:

open a conversation with a particular user;
find the three dots in the upper right corner;
click on them;
select the required item in the list.